Best Automated Forex Trading Software Updated 2024

While the offering for US account holders differs slightly due to regulatory requirements, it remains an excellent option for its low trading costs and powerful collection of trading tools. IG is a leader in education, making its IG Trading mobile app the best forex trading app for beginners in 2024. I’ve been testing CMC Markets’ platforms since 2017, and it’s clear to me that CMC Markets has invested time and resources in the mobile app’s development.

This seems like a good place to note that reputable forex brokers often give investors access to a demo trading account. It’s much more fun to lose play money than real money, especially while you’re learning the ropes. After all, it helps to be as informed as possible when venturing in this new and rather tricky field. Your app or apps can make or break your game and the success you’re aiming for. Its wide range of supported stock exchanges includes those from 13 countries, including the US and the UK. If you’re one to explore new strategies and are willing to take calculated risks, this app is a great platform for you to do just that.

  • Automated trading can be suitable for beginners, as it’s easy to set up and use.
  • If you’re looking for an advanced forex trading and analysis tool, it’s worth checking out Thinktrader, formerly known as Trade Interceptor.
  • MT4 is a top forex trading platform (as mentioned above), and cTrader has top depth of market features and the use of cAlgo for algorithmic trading.
  • Please make sure that you fully understand the risks involved, taking into consideration your investment objectives and level of experience, before trading, and if necessary, seek independent advice.
  • Firms may also offer programs with return guarantees after purchase and during a specified period of time.

The number of forex trading app downloads skyrocketed by 120% between 2021 and 2023, and over 70% of retail forex traders opted for mobile devices in 2023. This shift in user preference is prompting forex platforms to prioritize mobile-friendly experiences. Additionally, social trading platforms witnessed a 35% increase in new accounts, highlighting the growing appeal of community-driven trading strategies. When comparing the top broker’s spreads, fees and trading platform software, Pepperstone is among the best forex brokers with the best forex platform offerings. Before investors start trading with real money, a Pepperstone demo account can be opened with a virtual balance to practice forex trading. With an average daily turnover of $110 billion, Canada holds the 7th position globally.

forex trading software

Receive real-time alerts directly to your mobile phone, ensuring you never miss a trade. If you're new to investing in commodities or need help establishing a financial plan, you can find a financial advisor for expert guidance and advice. Diversifying your investment portfolio with commodities has become an increasingly popular investment strategy over the last few years.

Smart Portfolios offers innovative, long-term investment portfolios you can copy, each with its unique investment strategy curated by eToro analysts. Despite the evident benefits of using automated forex trading platforms, these programs are far from infallible and the user must be aware that this software does not guarantee an endless run of successful trades. Automated forex trading software runs on a program that analyzes currency price charts and other market activity over multiple timeframes. The software identifies the signals – including spread discrepancies, price trends, and news that may impact the market – to locate potentially profitable currency pair trades. Well, with automated forex trading software, you can have all of those qualities and more. Also known as algorithmic trading, black-box trading, robo or robot trading, automated forex trading programs offer many advantages.

The platform has a special community of resources available where you can explore indicators and strategies built by 3rd party developers. Having traded since 1998, Justin is the CEO and Co-Founded CompareForexBrokers in 2004. Justin has published over 100 finance articles from Forbes, Kiplinger to Finance Magnates. He has a Masters and Commerce degree and has an active role in the fintech community.

Overall, GO Markets has the lowest commissions of any broker we’ve found that offers cTrader. Competitive spreads and a wide range of platforms add to GO Markets’ appeal as a forex broker. As with overseas shares, you will have to pay any share trading fee and applicable foreign currency exchange fee if you are looking to trade in US shares. If you buy or sell shares denominated in a currency other than pounds sterling, nearly all of the platforms charge a foreign exchange fee.

forex trading software

Stay up-to-date on current market conditions and adapt your investing strategy as needed. Setting up an account with these forex trading apps is made easy for any level. What’s important to remember is choosing the right forex trading app for you can make a great difference in how you will perform in the market. Whether you have an iOS or an Android smartphone, and whether you need an account where you can practice your newly-acquired trading knowledge, most apps will cover most of your needs.

Here are the best apps for trading precious metals and other commodities as picked by Business Insider editors in 2024. The downside, you may have guessed, is that leverage also increases your losses if the currency you’re buying goes down. The more leveraged your account and the larger the lot size you’re trading, the more exposed you are to a wipeout. Forex is traded by the “lot.” A micro lot is 1,000 units of currency, a mini lot is 10,000 units, and a standard lot is 100,000 units. The larger the lot size, the more risk you’re taking on; individual investors should rarely trade standard lots.

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Pepperstone offers the most forex trading software options with 5 software options. They are; MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), cTrader, TradingView, and You can also look out for copy trading so you can copy experienced traders and follow their trading opportunities. You need to check not only their market data but also their historical data if they are high-frequency traders on the foreign exchange. We found Eightcap a solid choice, especially if you’re keen on automated crypto trading. This broker differentiates itself by offering integration, which is top-notch for setting up your automated crypto strategies.

What we especially like about ZuluTrade is that it enables you to adopt trading strategies without any prior trading experience and additional fees—just the usual commissions and spreads. However, it’s crucial to be cautious, as there’s always the risk of following strategies that may not yield the desired results. is a trading platform that specialises in automated trading, created in 2015. The platform has gained traction among traders for its beginner-friendly yet powerful user interface. What we appreciate about is its unique feature that allows traders like us to create and tailor trading strategies without knowing a line of code.

forex trading software

The best brokers for buying commodities offer diverse investments, low contract fees, accessible interfaces, and advanced charting features and tools. Experienced investors can trade commodity futures, options, ETFs, and mutual funds through online brokerages. Mobile commodity trading, in particular, has become a more sought-after investment strategy driven by advancements in trading app technology and the demand for on-the-go market access. Commodity trading apps offer an accessible way for investors to access real-time commodity pricing, advanced charting tools, and social trading features like chat rooms.

As mentioned, we did several execution speed tests comparing our top 20 brokers based on limit and market orders. BlackBull Markets came out on top, with the fastest spreads when combining market and limit orders. In addition to IC Markets’ low Standard Account spreads mentioned above, we also like IC Markets’ competitive commissions using cTrader and the MetaTrader platforms (especially if dominated in USD). Monthly investing allows you to benefit from ‘pound-cost averaging’, which aims to smooth out the fluctuations of the stock market as you pay the average price of the investment over the period.

Through the platform, you can quickly find and track the best currencies and stocks to put your money in. It offers 14 advanced chart types, as well as 160 intelligence indicators and drawing tools. Beginners who are open to learning how to trade profitably can benefit greatly from Stock Trainer. Similarly, experienced traders can use Stock Trainer in practicing new strategies to reduce the risks involved, if there are any, when these strategies are implemented in the market.

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